Physician Access

Is it possible to change primary care physicians?

Yes, you are allowed to change your Primary Care Physician. We recommend keeping Primary Care Physician changes to a minimum to ensure optimum continuity of care. To change your Primary Care Physician, contact IHP Customer Service at 630-942-7950 or you may submit a change of information form by mail or fax.

How can I contact a physician “after office hours” and on holidays and Sundays?

Your Primary Care Physician or his/her covering Physician is available 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.

Are specialist physicians covered by my HMO plan?

Yes, Specialist services are covered when directed by your Primary Care Physician and within the scope of benefits covered in your health plan. To ensure that services are covered be sure to ask your Primary Care physician for a completed referral form.

If I have been seeing a specialist prior to becoming a member of my current HMO plan, must I obtain a referral to keep seeing this specialist?

Yes. A Referral must be in place before your visit to this Specialist after your effective date of your current HMO Plan. This particular Specialist may not be a member of the IHP Specialist Panel; if not, you will receive a Referral to an IHP Specialist if medically appropriate.

What should I do if I need an interpreter or would prefer to have a primary care physician who speaks a language other than English?

If you require an interpreter during an office visit, please notify the doctor’s office at the time you make your appointment to allow sufficient time for the necessary arrangements. If you are interested in a Primary Care Physician who speaks a language other than English, please contact a IHP Customer Service Representative at 630-942-7950 for assistance.